Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interview #7 Lory Spencer AKA Shevil knievel

     Living, breathing, and riding motorcycles is how we would all like to experience the world of motorcycles. Lory, known to her friends as, Shevil Knievel ( nickname given to her by her surgeon) has been riding for over thirty years. She should be an inspiration to anyone that calls themselves a rider of anything with two wheels. While riding her 1972 Norton Combat she was run off the road by a car full of kids. Making a quick decision to not run into a bus stop full of people, Lory took the "safer" way out and jumped a curb on the other side of the road running through a row of news paper boxes. She was thrown from her bike, which ran through a cyclone fence, as she proceeded to hit a cement pole head first. Astonishingly enough she was back riding her bike within less than a month. (hear her story below)

Interview #6 Amanda "Buffchest" Sundvor

      50cc's of adrenaline and nothing but a back wheel to ride on Amanda fell in love with motorcycles at a young age. Something we all try to feel time and time again after that first time we set off on a bike. As a young woman she did not have a bike of her own but found herself riding on the back of a friends bike in rural Colorado. The rider sped high above the speed limit only to arrive at a stop sign too quickly. Amanda, who had only the control of feeling free on the back of the bike, was then thrown up and over the rider who could not control his brakes. She was unfortunate to have suffered his consequences flying far from the road colliding with a wire fence that dealt nothing but pain. Had she not been wearing a helmet that day things would have ended differently. The recovery was long and brutal, but the fiery passion for all things two wheeled still burns bright for Amanda. Today she rides in honor of the passing of her father, his bike, a 1980 Harley Davidson iron head. (hear her story below)

The red circle is where Amanda laid for 4 hours waiting for help to arrive. While she lay there she had her hand up, which was the only part of her that was visible , as she lay cut open. She unearthed four fence posts and was stopped by the wire fencing. She is truly a survivor.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Interview #5 Richard E Jones

     If the first word out of a child's mouth is Kawasaki you know they are going to love motorcycles forever. In the case of Richard Jones it is true. His affinity for two wheels is what gives him lust for life. While falling in love with his first Ducati, a 796 Dark Hypermotard, Richard was struck by a Ford F550 that was turning out of a graveyard. He lost his leg from the knee down, but continues to ride almost every day with a prosthetic. Death has been something he has avoided multiple times, and as one great poet said, "Don't Fear the Reaper". (hear his story below)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Interview #4 Nick Gilmer

     As long as there is air to breathe Nick Gilmer will be riding motorcycles on this planet. As for love, he found it as a young boy, seeing the world from two wheels for the first time atop the tank of his fathers bike. Back and forth, between dirt and street riding and back to dirt,  Nick became paralyzed from the stomach down after he was thrown from his dirt bike. He now continues his passion for road racing despite the obstacles he has fought to overcome. (read his story below)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Interview #3 Arun Sharma

     Starting out in Hawaii as a child wanting nothing more than to be free on two wheels, Arun Sharma found himself taking his dad's scooter out on Sunday morning paper runs at a young age. Later, on an '87 Magna in Mesa AZ in 118 degree tire melting weather, Arun was struck by a car that was counting lights through an intersection. He has since then become the GM of Portland's MotoCorsa Ducati headquarters where he is blessed with being able to ride pretty much everything imaginable!  (hear his story below)