Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interview #7 Lory Spencer AKA Shevil knievel

     Living, breathing, and riding motorcycles is how we would all like to experience the world of motorcycles. Lory, known to her friends as, Shevil Knievel ( nickname given to her by her surgeon) has been riding for over thirty years. She should be an inspiration to anyone that calls themselves a rider of anything with two wheels. While riding her 1972 Norton Combat she was run off the road by a car full of kids. Making a quick decision to not run into a bus stop full of people, Lory took the "safer" way out and jumped a curb on the other side of the road running through a row of news paper boxes. She was thrown from her bike, which ran through a cyclone fence, as she proceeded to hit a cement pole head first. Astonishingly enough she was back riding her bike within less than a month. (hear her story below)

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